Monday, September 22, 2008

So Sue me...

Okay here it is. If you don't like what you read here, then stop reading. I have had to ask myself who am I? Who really knows. Am I too hard on others? Maybe. Do I feel bad about that? Sometimes.
If I am your friend I try my best to be the best friend I can be. I am honest, caring, funny, and protective. But If I feel that my family, myself or my character is attacked then I get extremely protective and do what ever I can to keep the enemy away. Is that bad? Maybe, but I can't really do anything to keep the mama bear at bay.
No I don't want my kid to see you or yours. Every day she still asks for her former friend. Everyday she says she doesn't want to play with her other friends because she wants the old one. It is this hurt that makes me act out and say the things I do. It isn't about me or my feelings. I am a big girl and can defend myself. Heck cutting people out of my life is no big deal. Ask my own family. Am I upset that a great friendship was lost over a misunderstanding and over reaction sure, but there is no turning back time now that it has been laid out there for the workld to see. I know how you think of me now.
But when my little girl is upset and heart broken all the time don't expect me to play nice. She can't comprehend what she did and why it can't be better. Others want to be the bigger person and rise above blah blah blah. Not me. I get mean. I want you to feel the kind of pain that is inflicted on her. I love her with all that I am, I would die for her in a heartbeat. I will go to the ends of the earth, fight dirty and do whatever it takes to protect her.
I know this must sound angry because I am. The Irish temper in me is screaming out FIGHT! So be warned. My mouth is HUGE and it speaks before the brain can catch it.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Just a quick "Ello"

Just a quick ello from work! This week on wed I took Skylee to Different Strokes. It is a paint your own pottery studio. We had a nice time and she loves any kind of art and painting is her fave. I painted a travel mug and she picked out a crown shaped box. I will have pics on wed after I pick it up.
Today Skylee went to preschool and Aunt Tracy picked her up for an afternoon of fun at her house. Another glowing report from her teachers. Although she did have to sit in time out for climbing backwards on the slide. Now this is totally my fault since I always let her do this at the park. As a matter of fact she and Jackson did this at the park on Thursday morning and we laughed when Lenka fell doing it herself. I guess I will have to stop that now. LOL.

Another funny from work this evening...

Police dept

Yeah, I was just on the phone with County and they told me to call you.

Okay, what can I help you with?

Well I need a ride to Lowe's.
(let me interupt by saying we don't have a Lowe's in our city)

We don't do that Sir.

It's not like I need to go on a shopping trip. I don't have money for a taxi and my friend is stuck there out of gas.

Sir, I can't give you a ride to another city just to pick someone up and bring you both back. We are not a taxi service. This is a police dept. Unless you are under arrest or a juvenile out after curfew, you do not get in our vehicles.

Oh ok.

Have a nice night.

Who in their right mind calls the police for a ride? Most people steer clear of us. LOL. Go figure.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Well yesterday was my birthday! I am finally 28. I plan on staying 28 for the next 5 years too. Anyways Brenda picked up a cake on her way home from work and Skylee insisted on cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I got an awesome beach cruiser from Damien, Brenda and Tracy. I havent got a pic of it yet but it looks like this bike

Then I snuck out to dinner with my friends. WE went to La Huerta for dinner and a pitcher of margaritas. Things got a bit silly when opening my gifts. Lets just say one of them is named the eager beaver! That will be regifted to one of those lovely ladies soon. Although I can think of one person who wouldn't be such a cold hearted bitch if she had one. As a matter of fact I know lots of people who could use one. LOL.
After dinner we went to the movies and saw The Women. Luckily our drunk asses were the only ones in the theater. Unfortunately the movie wasn't as funny as the commercials made it seem. Don't you hate it when that happens? Here are a few pics... I will add more when someone else sends me what she has too.

Oh and for anyone interested.. Skylee loves preschool. She has been doing realy good and has befriended the only boy in her class, Liam. Her teacher said that she plays with him the whole day. It is a god thing since her little heart was broken to be doing well and making new friends. Her fave thing to do is dial up her grandma or aunt tracy on the phone and chat. She spent a half hour on the phone with my mom and would yell at me if i laughed or said anything on the other line. LOL.

Nothing funny to report from work since I am taking this week off. I have 10 days of vacation time to use up before Jan 1st. Yikes I hope i can make it. LOL.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wild week at work

So today Lenka, Skylee and I went to the mall and hit up a great sale at Dillards with a bunch of stuff at 75 % off. Then we went home and all afternoon we repeatedly watched "My Friends Tigger and Pooh" Wonderful. LOL.
With hurricane Ike headed our way Dalton's bday party has been moved to Fun City on saturday afternoon and I know Skylee will love that. She has been doing so good and being quite the Angel. Got to love it.

Today is my friday at work Woohoo!!! Here is a run down of the best stuff.

One officer crashes his motorcycle during pursuit when the car slams on his breaks causing the officer to go into the ditch to avoid the collision. Guy in vehicle gets away.

Same officer has a stolen golf cart veer into the street almost hitting his unit while on patrol. The two men are charged with theft and the driver gets a DUI. Can you imagine explaining that to your friends? LOL

Officer gets into a pursuit of a deaf mute man on a bicycle that turns into a foot pursuit.LOL. This one did not get away.

Did I mention that I was handcuffed at work? Oh yeah.. we have way too much fun here. LOL

Uh oh here come da popo

Ok so what is with the title you ask? Hehe. Sometimes it comes in handy being a police dispatcher. Sure there is a lot of crap like taking drunk prisoners to the bathroom only to have them curl in a ball and refuse to get up until threatened with a taser. The other night an officer ran a tag that returned to a certain ice cream truck. And I thought to myself "Wouldn't that be funny if it was Lenka". Sure enough the officer proceeded to run the driver by name and date of birth. And surprise it WAS Lenka. NO tickets were issued and she was sent on her way.
I have been planning to take Skylee to the library this week when the story time started back up again. But anyone who knows me, knows that my mind is a sieve. I can never remember when library day is. Sol instead of going to the library we took Bruno to play with another of his Doggy friends. Oh and Skylee played with some of hers. She enlightened a few boys of the miracle that is Barbie with her new Barbie dvd. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that they liked it. After all don't men lust over the Barbie type? While playing I heard Skylee mention to an adult that "AJ is mad at us." I wasn't in on her conversation so I don't know if she brought it up or what but it just reaffirms my thoughts on all this stuff that is going on. So in the end I guess it was a good thing that we missed the library and we will be going on a different day or time from now on.
Nasty weather is putting a bummer on this weeks plans but I am determined to find something fun for us to do and I will post on that next week. In all seriousness today is 9/11. Has it really been 7 years? I know that day changed my life and affected my family in so many ways. I will be thinking of all the victims today. And also to all those who are in Iraq and abroad keeping America safe... Thank you !

Friday, September 5, 2008

Reptile museum and school

Today was Skylee's first day of her mom's day out program. It is basically a preschool type program that she will go to every friday from 9-2, then nect year she will do the preschool program.
She picked out her outfit including her pink cowboy boots that Papa bought for her. She decided what she wanted for lunch and I packed it for her. Today she took... a strawberry jelly sandwich, watermelon, goldfish, raisins, and pickled baby corn. Is she strange or what?
She did pretty good for her first day, no hitting or pushing of anyone. She did have trouble at nap time since she couldn't take her clothes off to take a nap. LOL. She made a cow puppet and played hard on their playground. Overall it went well and she wants to go back next week. Hopefully we don't leave on our trip too early so I can take her for a bit anyways.

Recently I took Skylee to a reptile museum she absolutely loved it! The guy who ran it was really creepy and so were all the snakes but what are you gonna do? Skylee loves any kind of animal no matter how much they creep mom out!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Slacker but with an excuse

Well I thought I would have pics today but instead I am here at work filling in for someone who is sick. But who can turn down the overtime? Especially with a trip coming up next weekend I could use some spending cash.
We had an awesome day today. Skylee and I went over to our friends and made ghosts and pumpkin pics. Then the wild beasts played outside in the rain the mommies had fun coloring. After that we sat thru a yummy lunch at chilis ( had a gift card laying around) and went home for a lovely nap before being called to work. Skylee behaved herself today and was the perfect angel you love to see.
She had one melt down in the car today asking why Adam can't play with her and she started crying. What the heck do I say to her? She asked how come his mommy cant say sorry and some other stuff. Man it really pisses me off to see her go thru this. But I am hoping since she is so young that she will forget them soon and be happy.

But I will end this on a funny note. Amanda thought I should blog about work related stuff so here it goes. This was the first call I got tonight...

"Lowell Police"
" Yeah I am calling to report a problem with my apples"
"Your what?"
"Like the fruit?"
"Ok what is wrong with your apples?"
"My neighbor told me that kids are taking my apples cutting them and throwing them at my car"
"Where are they getting your apples?"
"I have a tree. I tried to talk to them but they wont answer the door and they have apples by their house"
"OK I will have an officer come to speak with you"

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rain rain

Ok to start off here we go. I am not sure anyone actually reads this thing but this goes out to my family. Adam and AJ are no longer in our lives. After AJ said some very hurtful things about Skylee I decided that I no longer wanted someone like that near my child. Apparently she feels that Skylee needs to see a Dr for some anger issues and I told her to fuck off. I guess that Momma Bear just came out of me when my kid was attacked. I tried to be friendly about the whole thing but my honesty was met with over reaction and nasty comments. So please don't ask Skylee how Adam is when you call since she is pretty upset by this. She has made some comments about Adam and his mommy not liking her anymore and we are going to act as if they don't exist in our house. We had a discussion about how we wont be seeing them anymore. She thought about it for a second and said OK. I was upset at first but once the anger took over I feel much better about the decision and think we will both be better in the long run. A friend is not someone who is nice to your face and then goes home to dish on how horrible you and your family are.
I'm not sure what this will mean for our mutual friends in the future as far as bday parties and stuff but maybe by then I wont feel so angry about the comments that were made about Skylee and can be in the same room.

It is kind of fitting that we have rain thanks to Gustav for the next couple of days to keep us inside. It will be an arts and crafts thing and maybe a trip to the movies and a yummy lunch at chilis. I'll have some new pics to upload tomorrow !

Monday, September 1, 2008


Gosh I am really bad at this kind of stuff. How many months has it been? Anyways here it goes.

Skylee starts a preschool type program on Fridays that she is not really looking forward to. Does that make sense? I know she will love it. She didn't want to leave when we went for the orientation but she doesn't want me to leave her there. LOL.

This is something that will be really good for her. She had her first heartbreak and loss of a friendship this weekend but I can't go into that at this point. It is hard what do you say to a 3 yr old that misses her best friend? Sometime adults are big poopie heads ... can I say that to her? LOL. Anyhoos maybe she will make new friends and the pain wont be so bad.

She is really excited for Halloween. I already made her a costume. She chose to be Rapunzel! This weekend she picked out a treat bag and has been practicing Trick-or-treating in the house .lol. We have been to the local Halloween store twice (in the same day) and she spends at least 20 minutes in Walmart watching the people unload there halloween stuff. I need to make myself a costume and we are all set. There is absolutely no way to get Damien to dress up but Skylee would love that. She thinks he should be Spongebob Squarepants or Prince Charming. LOL.