Monday, October 19, 2009

Zoo Day

Monday turned out to be a really nice day in the 70's so we went to the Tulsa Zoo. Now for all my family who aren't familiar with the Arkansas weather, let me tell you.... you never know what you will get. Saturday it was in the 40's and here on Monday the 70's. Crazy right?

So anyways we went with a few friends from our playgroup and Tiffany. Skylee was in one of those "no pictures please" moods so getting a snapshot of her was almost impossible. But we did have a super nice time.

Lately Skylee has been dragging around a giraffe Webkinz named Sookie. Skylee really wanted the giraffes to meet her Sookie. Skylee also wants me to tell all of you that they are raising money for a new giraffe feeding tower at the Tulsa Zoo. They have 2 new female giraffes, and Skylee really wants to feed these things so "everyone needs to pay". Apparently she thinks that we are all made of money!

A fave of ours was the penguins. Usually they just hang out waiting for food, but instead they were swimming and coming right up to the windows. Very cool.

This monkey was one of Skylee's faves. It is one that sat next to Skylee at the window on previous visits. Today it was such a nice day that even the animals chose to be outside.

Hey aren't there supposed to be horses pulling this thing. Here we are with Diesel, Ryan and Claire.

And I couldn't get Skylee to be in this picture. So That would be me in glasses, and the only adult in the pic. Come on kid, live a little. It is okay to be a little silly!

For some reason I have never noticed this bear at the zoo before. Kind of cool.

Here is Skylee taking pics on her camera. That is her absolute fave thing to do right now. It has picture and video camera settings. When she isn't taking pics of the pets, she is filming herself pretending to be iCarly. If you haven't seen this show, it's about 3 preteens that carry on their own web show. Kinda cute.

And this week in preschool they are learning about owls and other animals that come out at night. So we took this pic just for her to share at Show and Tell.

All in all a pretty good day. the zoos here don't match up to San Diego, but they are still a lot of fun for us to do.
Today we also had an eye exam and it was the first time they dilated her eyes. She had some redness in her eye we needed to check it out so off we went. The redness is like a bruise. She most likely was poked in the eye recently and it should heal within 7 days. Her vision is 20/40 and is about normal for her age. She may end up being near sighted like Damien and I but no need for glasses at this point. The Dr and I ended up tag team style holding her down to get the eye drops in and it was horrible. When we left I got to wear a really cool looking pair of disposable glasses while Skylee wore my own sunglasses.
They used pictures during the eye test instead of letters and when the Dr showed her a butterfly Skylee told her it was mariposa. Well the Dr turned to me and asked "what did she say?"
I had her repeat it and the Dr said that is the Spanish word for butterfly. Who knew? Kind of neat to see that Dora the Explorer and Ne Hao Kai Lan are paying off. Kind of crazy they learn stuff from today's cartoons. So this led me to make a list of things I learned from cartoons as a kid...

Proper hand placement when sword fighting (He-Man)
GI Joe is the real American Hero (GI Joe)
Despite what scientists say there ARE little bears living in the clouds and God forbid if they stare at you (Care Bears)
How to kick my sister's butt by eating my spinach (popeye)

Well coming up for us is two Halloween parties this weekend, a school party and Halloween itself. So we will have a bunch of stuff to share!

Monday, October 5, 2009


Ok here it is Monday morning. I just got off work a few hours ago and I should be sleeping right? Nope! Silly me, I forgot to turn in my time sheet. So after sleeping for about 30 minutes I had to go back to work and fill out the time sheet. So now that I am back home I figured I might as well just stay up since the kid should wake up any time. So I bide my time by blogging, playing pogo, and being bit by the cat who is a very playful mood.
Today is a cold and dreary day, so later we are headed to Mcdonalds to play and a trip to the library after that. Let's see what was on our agenda last week? Ah yes, we went bowling on wed and Skylee really liked it. And who wouldn't with the bumpers and a ramp? Of course I forgot my camera so I don't have any pictures from it. I will say that her main concern was that while it was her turn, I was to guard her seat while she was gone. What is so special about her seat you ask? Well it was right next to Austin of course.
Other than that not much else here, I am still trying to get her to try on her costume for a picture, but no luck so far. Next week we are headed to the zoo again with our play group so that will be fun.

I want to take a minute to express my opinion on the Jon and Kate Plus 8 situation.

From what it looks like to me the kids seem to like filming. It isn't all day every day filming. I think they do a few hours, a few days a week. They go to school every day and lead normal lives. Only they get to go to some neat places and see some cool stuff. In my opinion the filming is okay as long as money from each episode is set aside for their future, and that they have a say if they want to do it or not.
I think it might be weird with your parents fighting and not being civil, and having them trade off the kids/house. Your dogs are taken away, and your film crew (who have been their since you were babies) disappears.
Who in a million years would think that Jon would come out of this the bad guy?

He is shacking up with all these diffferent women (one being the babysitter), he buys an expensive New York apartment, wears those God awful Ed Hardy shirts everywhere he goes and wears diamond stud earrings. Now he takes all of the money out of the household account so the mother can't pay the bills. And he stops the filming in the midst of the turmoil. One minute he despises Kate, and the next he haults the divorce so they can reconnect. He is taken off the show, and then has an epiphany that he wants it to stop. Then he empties out the bank account. the man has lost his damn mind.