Thursday, February 19, 2009


Quick afternoon craft. It is a cold day here today and we went to the mall for a little bit. Of course it gets a bit boring so after lunch we made some sheep. All you need is some tissue, toilet paper rolls, cotton balls, glue, pipe cleaners and q tips. And bam!!! sheep.

Preffered clothing here is pjs and comfy clothes. We weren't home 3 minutes before she takes off all her clothes and demands jammies. Go figure.

And thanks to Paula Skylee uses her Cherry Blossom market as more of a
cherry blossom tv cave. She turns it on its side and climbs in the window. She pokes her head out of the back window to watch tv.

Nothing better than Imagination Movers at 0900

And please pardon the mess behind the kid. I swear I cleaned that junk up but one birthday and it is a mess all over again. Here we are with the new Barbie Diamond Castle that Mommy and Daddy got, wearing pieces of our dress up clothes that we got in a gift.

Jump Zone

I'm not sure if they have these places everywhere but yesterday we went to this place called the Jump Zone in Bentonville with a play group. It's an indoor place that has bounce houses and giant inflatable slides. Kind of like an indoor carnival, or one of my nieces or nephew's parties(without the good food). And to top it all off te even have a slushpuppy machine!

They have Spongebob squarepants,batman, sesame street, pirate ship, roller coaster, and gumball themed stuff. And I will admit some of these things are pretty scary. I had to ride down a few myself. Well not by myself of course because that would be crazy right? LOL. No I had to escort Skylee down some of the bigger ones and they were a little scary.

I can't remember what she got mad about. But here she is.

And of course she got over it in a few miutes. Who can stay mad when there is so much great stuff going on?

Skylee the gumball!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Skylee

Well today we had Skylee's 4th bday at Fastlanes. Fastlanes is a pretty dope place. It has lazer tag, cosmo bowling, an indoor go kart track, and games. We had an excellent time! Our party was from 12-2 with a bunch of pizza, drinks, ice cream and cake. I am really lucky since this place is in the city of Lowell and I get a discount for working for the pd. Well when I scheduled the party they told me I get a discount of 50% on food and the $65 room fee goes toward food. Again when I paid a $50 down payment they agreed to the discount. So the bowling lanes are $30/hr. , we had 3 29" pizzas that serve 12 each. LOL. Everyone had unlimited drinks and the kids shared a big bowl of ice cream dubbed "The Big Bad Bowl".
Come pay up time the check was $465. I wish you could have seen Damien's face when he came to find me. LOL. I took the check to the cashier and advised her of the agreement, and the party planning lady told me we don't give discounts on parties. Exscuse me lady, I didn't book a party package, I just reserved a room and ordered pizza. So they corected the bill and it was a much better price of $180. That includes an 18% gratuity. Seriously people like I am not going to tip a waitress? I know Obama is the president but I resent being forced to give my money to someone else. I prefer to feel like I have the option to ya know? Overall this bday was a bargain hunter's dream. I saved a bunch, it was a great party, and I can't wait until next year.
Here are some pics. I am sorry they are all out of order but I hate this blogger thing and can't get it figured out.

Daddy and Skylee playing princess checkers when we got home.

Blowing out the candles on the cake

Abe after tasting Mountain Dew for the very first time. He was running around, laughing hysterically, then picking his nose and eating it! Classic

Little Kylee didn't want me to leave her side all day! I love this girl.

There is my fat self with Skylee. Man hurry up and come home Lenka. I need my work out buddy. I have become unmotivated. Maybe I will get back on my work out and diet routine this week. Anyways the little girl in red is Cadence. She is Skylee's best friend from school and is a sweetheart.

The Big Bad Bowl

Aidan doing his best Cake Stalking routine! He was in heavan. Pizza, cake, ice cream and bowling? It doesnt get better than that

Carraazzy Paula. I love this girl. She is fabulous (also Abe's mommy) best thing I got out of the "friend divorce" LOL

Ah one of many princess presents. Can't ever have to many of those.

Skylee in her beautiful birthday dress.

Amanda is having a fabulous time. Horny bastard probably texting her husband at home with Asher. Or texting others about my big butt. Dirty Democrat. LOL

These bowling shoes do not match my dress mom!

Riding the go karts with Daddy

2 of the 3 ginormous pizzas.

The beautiful cake made by my new cake lady Linda. Thanks Paula for the hook up. This cake cost $165 at a local bakery, I paid $45 and she delivered it!!

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!! Yesterday we came home from getting Bruno's nails ground and Skylee got a package from Grandma Cheryl with her Valentine's and Bday stuff in it. She was so excited to get it in the door and open it.This kid loves mail and packages especially. I wish I got packages and presents like this kid does. Anyhoo we celebrated our Vday on friday since we would be busy and tired from Bday activities on Sat.
I cooked an amazing dinner ( no really I am not just saying that) We had steak, hot crash potatoes, roasted asaparagus, and sauteed mushrooms. Yummy! Even Damien, who usually avoids veggies like the bubonic plague loved it. Skylee of course loved the steak and asparagus, but not the potatoes (too picy)
Back really quick to Bruno... we went to the Big Wag Bakery to get some Vday goodies for him, then to Petsmart to get his nails done. Can you believe he screamed and cried the whole time? It took two ladies to hold down an 11 lb dog, ridiculous. And this just after one woman was head butted by a mastiff and had her nose broken. What a trooper.

Lots of goodies from grandma

Bruno has to be in the middle of everything that goes on in this house

Sugar on a stick Yeah!

A horse of course. I cant believe this kid is still obsessed.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Ice Storm 2009

Where do I start with this one? For all you Californians that have no idea what winter weather is like this will be a shock. We had an ice storm come thru on Tuesday of last week. It dropped 2 inches of ice. It coated everything. I took a few pics when the ice first started coming down. Once we lost power I wasn't able to take pics until the next day. You will be able to tell from the pics due to the amount of ice on the ground when I took them.

Skylee did pretty well thru it all. At first she thought the hotel was great, but she woke up at midnight crying and saying she wanted to go home. The next morning we went to the house to get more supplies and she saw the backyard and got upset. Then she said she wanted to go back to the hotel.
Of course we were all thrilled to be h0me on Thursday. Bruno would not go in the backyard at all the first few days but he is much better now. All weekend we worked on the yard and getting it cleaned up. What a mess!! Skylee went thru 5 pairs of pants on Saturday splashing in the mud and having a great time while Daddy and I worked. Sunday we made a trip to walmart and the power went off while we were there. You heard this collective groan from everyone in the stora and Skylee says..
"I'm tired of the light going out, I dont want it to be dark anymore."

I couldn't have said it better myself kid!

View down Tracy's street one of the hardest hit areas in the city

Backyard after the storm

Another of the backyard afterwards

The shed was damages in the top corner

After the storm there were amazing blue skies

Looking down the street just after it started you can see the power lines and trees sagging from the weight of the ice


Sagging trees in the begining of the storm