Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekend Roundup

It's a lovely Sunday night as I sit here at work to give a quick update. I worked this weekend so not much to update ya on the kid. She did score a sweet game, Operation. Thanks to Aunt Tracy!! She has been begging for the Spongebob version for a few weeks. So if this still holds her interest Santa may bring it this year.
It was an unusually quiet weekend at work. It is now day four on my meds and I think I see a difference already. I have always tried to explain my thoughts as several fat people trying to rush out a door in my head at the same time, but they would get stuck as they rushed out. I don't stutter as much and I feel a lot calmer in my downtime. So that is super neat.
Tomorrow is a big day! I may have to testify as a witness in a friend's custody case in the morning, so no sleep for me. But Kylee is a sweet girl who really needs to be with her dad. Her mom is a young mother with lots of kids, no job, no money, no patience, and not enough love. So let's hope it goes well for her and Kain tomorrow.
Then at 2 I have to take some tests in Fayetteville for a new job. It is a big decision, but I think I am making the right choice. I have worked for Lowell for 5 years, and I think I am ready for a change. Fayetteville is a much larger city, they dispatch for fire and police. It starts out $1.22/hr less than what I make now, but the health insurance is a lot cheaper, and they match 3% with 12% for pension. So that will make up for the difference.
I am a true .Virgo and really hate change, the shift is a night shift but will have to work days while training. So we will see how this goes. Brenda asked me what I would do with Skylee while I had to work days. Since Damien isn't working at this point it wont be a problem. I have worked nights and been with Skylee durring the day for over 4 years. I think it is his turn, don't you?
This week in school Skylee will be learning the letter "a" and apples. So we will need to find something to take for show and tell this week. Maybe I can find some apple treats to bring for her classmates. On Wednsday morning she is meeting up with some friends for a power wheel playdate and I will make sure to take a few pics. The girl is very good in her pink Escalade.
Last quick note.... her Native American Halloween costume is almost complete, I will make sure to get a few pics to post if I can get her to try it on. Then it is on to Bruno's buffalo costume!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just for my Mom

Okay so my mom asked me when I was going to get back to this blogging thing so this one is just for her. I am currently sitting here with hair dye on my head while the kid is in school. Another thing I would like to thank my mother for, passing on the gray hair gene!!!

So to update you I have a few things. Skylee won a goldfish at the grape festival a few weeks ago, her name is Sookie. Leave it up to my child to have a vampire fetish and name her fish after a Charlaine Harris' character.

We also have a new cat, her name is Flower. She was a stray kitten that befriended Skylee and is super sweet. I took her to the vet and after $100 they de-wormed her, gave her a flea treatment, shots, and declared her a healthy 4 month old cat. She spends her days inside letting Skylee cart her around, and has even taken to playing with Bruno.

It took a little bit before she wasn' afraid of him, but they are great friends now. They even play with the same toy at the same time. She is an amazing mouser, which is coming in handy with the empty field behind our home.

Loves to play with Bruno's toys when he isn't looking

Skylee has started preschool and is loving it. She has a few friends in the class, including her little boyfriend Austin who is so cute and tall like she is. It is kind of funny to see the two of them tower over all the kids in class. She brings home the cutest art work and is really enjoying learning to write, something that she basically has refused to do here at home. She goes two days a week, Tuesday and Thursday and next year starts Kindergarten. I am hoping to get her into the Benton County School of Arts next year, but it is based on a lottery system so we will see.

getting ready for school

Art projects

I think being left handed is making it a little difficult but still not bad.

Yesterday we went to the zoo with our good friend Paula and her two boys Levi and Abe. We had a super good time and it started to rain just as we were leaving. I think Skylee's fave part is the petting zoo, and any kind of animal enclosure that allows her to get very close. The Jaguar has a thick piece of glass that seperates you from it and that is it! We had a nice picnic as soon as we got there and let me tel you Paula makes a mean Chicken salad sandwich.

About me, well my Dr. diagnosed me as ADHD and I started my prescription today, so we will see how that goes. I am really hoping to get better with my memory, finishing projects, less procrastination, and having a better time at work with it. Honestly I hate the random crap that seems to come out of my mouth sometimes and I don't want to be perceived as a weird person or anything. I love my Blackberry and it is the only thing that helps me remember where and when I am supposed to be sometimes. I hate the fact that I feel stupid and upset when it comes to my job. So if this makes me better than I will be happy. And all my friends out there let me know if it is a good change or a bad one. I can only guess if this had been diagnosed earlier where I would be now. Who knows once Skylee goes to kindergarten I can go back to school.
Alrighty that is it for now, it's time to wash this gunk out of my hair!!

Skylee's friend Liam. We have made some amazing friends thru our playgroup.