Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Round up

So it is finally over! It has been a busy busy month, hence not many posts. Between going to work, gym, preschool, the playgroup and shopping for those bargains I feel like I need a vacation. LOL.
Overall everything was great so here we go with the round up...

I took Skylee to the Crafty Cottage in Bentonville to make some Christmas gifts and she had a great time painting a statue for herself! This kid loves art of any kind, but she really loves that "paint your own pottery" stuff.

And just who thinks giving makeup to a 4 yr old is a good idea? She insists on applying it herself and then going out in public. How would you feel going to the mall with a kid that looks like this? LOL. Can I hang a sign on her that says "I did this to myself" ?

We met with friends for a dinner at AQ Chicken with Santa. This is the only Santa we had our pic with this year. It really pisses me off but apparently all the Santa's around here will not allow you to take a picture on your own camera. they force you to buy their expensive and lousy pictures.

She saw me ironing my hair and really wanted me to do it for her. So about 20 minutes later it was done. She was such a sport and did great while I ironed. We then went to watch "The Princess and the Frog" and she liked the movie. They sure do have the Cajun speak down in that one. LOL. The next day she wore her hair straight for preschool. Austin came walking in and Skylee's words?
"Hi Austin, notice anything different?"
Not missing a beat, he replied "Nice hair"
Good boy!! His Daddy has him on the right path! He dodged his first girl bullet on that one.
Best part about the straight hair.. she finally allowed her hair to be cut. So they gave her a trim and a little bit of layers.
She had her Christmas party at school where they decorated cookies, and strung beads on pipe cleaners. Fun was had by all. That night they did their Christmas program. I am still awaiting a copy of the performance from Tracy and as soon as I get it I will post it.

Christmas was fun! Despite the look of the pic it wasn't as bad as previous years. Hopefully you can ignore the toy box mess besides the tree. We woke up to 4 inches of snow, and I think that was Skylee's fave gift.

Bruno and Flower shared a stocking this year and his fave toy was this honking goose. He kept trying to get someone to play with him while we opened our gifts. Doesn't he look so cute in his sweater? He is finally feeling better. The dweeb pulled a tendon in his paw and carried on just like a man. He insisted on being hand fed cheeseburger patties, and water. After a quick trip to the vet and a steroid shot he was back to normal the next day. He is up to 16 lbs. who would have guessed since both of his parents were 6 lbs.

Skylee loved all her gifts.

She received the almighty Zhu Zhu pet with accessories! Yeah me!! I guess that four hours in line at Toys R Us paid off!!

After that it was time to head outside to play in the snow. Bruno didn't like it unless someone was out there with him.

Here is the gas powered four wheeler Papa got Skylee for Christmas. Unfortunately we couldn't get it to start so Pop took it back to the Honda dealership yesterday to get fixed. I sure hope insurance copays come along with this gift. She did get a helmet and he says he turned it down.. cros your fingers for us!

What would Christmas in Arkansas be without a gingerbread Santa Pig? Freaky Razorback fans!

And last but not least here is a little bit of Flower and Bruno playing. They are such good friends. They get along really well even though I have a feeling she is going to be bigger than him.