Thursday, January 28, 2010

Quick little update

So no new pics since I am lazy on that aspect. I am currently sitting at work watching the ice come down. Growing up in Southern California, I never imagined that I would one day live where it got below 50 degrees. It is currently sleeting outside, now for my California friends... that means itty bitty ice pellets flying out of the sky. These little ice pellets will always smack you straight in the open eye, or in your ear... it never fails. It is supposed to later snow with total accumulations of 5-6 inches. The only bad thing about working in law enforcement.. there is no holidays off, or snow days. But the good thing is I have have to be here. And if that means they have to pick me up and drop me off, then that is what they will do. LOL.

Skylee is doing great, despite the walking pneumonia that has her coughing horribly. But all it took was me bringing home a new Scooby Doo dvd to be pronounced.. "the best mom ever". Man will it always be that easy?