Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow snow snow.

Here is the doll with matching outfits that Grandma Cheryl sent at Christmas time. Skylee insisted that I do her hair exactly like the dolls. She is really into the matching outfits, so now I have to look at Dillards for matching dresses that she and her doll can wear.

And speaking of hair did you know that our cat Flower asked for a hair cut? According to Skylee she did. I saw Flower and thought maybe she had been in a fight outside, but then I looked closer and saw this....

Not that Flower seems to mind at all

Now I know what my childhood was lacking... snow! It is amazing to see the school closures when it snows. How come California never had that? The closest we ever got to that was a smog alert. And even that meant you couldn't go out for recess. Of course the thing I could do without is the ice. It is nasty. Impossible to drive on and makes our steep driveway a mess. Can you believe I actually got my happy ass out there to shovel the driveway?

We built a snowman this morning and it turned out pretty good!

Skylee made this huge snowball and had a great time pretending it was a horse. I think it was even funnier when she would lose her balance and fall off, face planting in the snow.

Birthday time is coming up! Skylee and one of her "boyfriends" Austin have bdays pretty close to each other, so they had a joint party with their playgroup. We went to a local pizza place and they had a great time. Skylee even won 1000 tickets all on her own and she was very happy about that.

I will have more to post later this week. We are having an ice skating birthday party on Saturday so that should be fun for all.