Thursday, April 24, 2008

Krispy Kreme

Well we have been having a ton of fun here! The latest was taking the kids to the local Krispy Kreme store. Adam, Drew, AJ, Abe and his Nana came with us. Strangely enough the tour was given by a nice guy with a name tag that read Fifi. Figure that one out!
. . . .
These pics are kind of out of order but I am sure you get the point

Towards the end the kids were able to glaze and sprinkle their very own donut. I am not sure if Adam liked that part. A bit messy

Skylee loved all the sprinkles. They are her fave

Eating the fruit of their labor

This is before the tour having a snack

Bestest friends! As you can see Skylee's new obsession are her Cowboy boots. They go with everything apparently.

I can't tell if it is the hat or Skylee's death grip bugging Adam in this pic.

Even Baby Drew joined us on the tour.

Watching the vat of chocolate in amazement.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

One more tidbit

If you haven't checked out I highly reccomend it. On the bargain hunter board someone posted a pic she had received from one of dh's friend. You can plainly see breastfeeding and a"naked mole rat" in the photo. Of course this thread created a 400 post thread on advise and really funny recreations. MDU is now sponsering a photo contest recreating the pic. LOL. And the winner gets $20 gift cert to too May have to enlist the help of a few friends to recreate(you know who you are).

Also today we were blessed with a visit by Asher , and Bruno loved this.

Awesome yet strange

So most of you know that I love flamingos. This fact hasn't escaped Skylee either. Every time she sees a "mingo" She says it is mine. Well she found a special hat of mine and decided to wear it around the house with my boots. It is way too cute.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Drama Drama, kids in the closet

Kids in the closet? Yes this is Skylee and Adam's new fave thing to do. They close the door with about two inches open and they play with Drew's toys, or conduct an impromptu puppet show thru the door. Gosh forbid if you open the door. Both kiddos yell and close the door again. hehe. I wonder how long this will last? I will have to see if AJ has any pics.
Other than that there is not much to report. But I must recommend the Bargain hunter Board on BBC. If you miss the drama of pretend pregnancies, dating another moms husband, or TTC on welfare visit Mamadramauncensored. It is a great laugh when feeling blue.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Skylee has sisters!

First off most of you are like"huh?" Yeah I know me too. You think I would have known that this family had 2 more children.
It all started yesterday in our backyard. Lately with family visits, sick kids, new babies, and work we haven't been hanging out with our friends as much as usual. So yesterday afternoon I was swinging Skylee outside when she asked where Adam was. At that point he was probably at his house plowing the fields of the bathroom rug, but my response was "He is at home with his new brother."
She thought about this for a second and said..
"I need sisters."
"you need scissors?"
"No sisters."
I had to tell my self to calm down at this point.LOL. But we talked it over and apparently she has two sisters that are big like her, and work at a hospital. She talks about them, shares food with them(this is a ploy for more just for her, ie cookies). She asks me if i love her sisters several times a day. These sisters have no names, and leave her toys alone, per Skylee. So if you here talk about sisters... don't be alarmed.