Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Trip to the fire station

Yesterday Skylee's playgroup went on a tour of Bentonville's newest fire station. the place was really big and the kids loved it. The firemen themselves were super nice. Skylee has made a new little boyfriend. His name is Austin and is super cute. I hope this gives Skylee a little fix of her firemen issues. If we see them at the grocery store she insists on following them and wants to buy everything that they do.

A few kids got scared when the firefighter put on his scba but Skylee thought it was pretty neat

Sitting in one of the 20 recliners in front of the projection tv.

She got a kick out of the Eagle on the cap.

She and Austin reading from an EMS magazine waiting in the lobby

Can I touch this?

A little funny from work last week. It has been so boring lately with all the rain but I thought this was good.

The officers respond to a verbal disturbance and end up arresting onr of the partys for possession of a controlled substance. And they bring him to the station to cite and release him. He was also accused of stealing money from the other party involved in the dispute.
We have a digital camera that we use to take photos of the accused to go along with reports. the officer took the guys photo and set it down to do the report. He walked away for a sec and came into dispatch looking for the camera. Then they started looking all over for it in the station. Bet you'll never guess where they found it. In the dude's pocket. What? He says it was an accident and he is used to putting shiny things in his pocket because everyone steals from him (huh?) and it also looked like his cell phone( not really)

The moron was released and the camera was put away where it belonged. Who in their right mind tries to steal from the cops?
What was he thinking? ( I know they will never look for it in my pocket)

It's guys like this that keep us in business.