Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Zoo Time

So last weekend I took Skylee to the Tulsa Zoo. Everyone was busy so it was just the two of us but we had a really nice time. It was 60 and sunny the whole day, while back home it was rainy and in the 40s. Skylee took her own video camera that she got for Valentine's Day from mommy and daddy. She does really well with it (when her finger isn't covering the lense) So i added a few of her pics too.

This is one of Skylees. She loved this pic of a colorful fish. Can you see her reflection in the glass?

This is another of of Skylee's photos She really liked this Bald Eagle. I think this one is blind in one eye since it was clouded over, but still a beautiful bird.

Skylee had a rockin time at the petting zoo. She took the time to brush every single sheep and goat.

What would a trip to the zoo be without a ride on a camel?

Have you ever seen a giraffe kneel down? This was a first for us.

Do I need to explain this one? Come on who can pass up the flamingos?

Thirsty anyone? Of course the water fountain wasn't working but she had fun pretending to be lunch.

This was so cute. The monkey came and sat next to Skylee for this pic. Lenka said this monkey throws pooh at her when she goes, lucky for us this didn't happen to us.


Elephants are ccol. they have a bunch and the museum is pretty neat too.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

So sweet!

So I guess there are those out there that may feel my child is horrible, and sometimes she can be naughty (Logan's anyone?) But there are moments that I wouldn't trade for anything. Most mornings when I come home from work at 6 am Skylee is still asleep, but this morning she had just woken up.
"Mommy! My heart was beating for you!"

Is that not the cutest thing ever? Do they know they can do this to us? She can be so sweet and caring. Every time we leave the house she cries for Bruno. She hates for him to be lonely and she misses him so much. I try to remind her of this later in the day when she is upset that he ate the watermelon right off her fork.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Penguin cone

So I came into work today and found this....

Apparently this was on one of our overpasses and was taken by a passerby. Then another passerby called in reporting it. The penguin was eventually recovered with no prospective owners. So I think it may become the Lowell pd mascot.


On Saturday we had to scrap a trip to the Tulsa Zoo. The possible chance of snow flurries turned into 1 inch of snow. LOL. Leave it to the damn geniuses that do the forcasts. Grr. Anyways we went to see Coraline. A great movie that is dark like Nightmare before Christmas.
We were supposed to meet Amanda, her sis, Aidan, Asher, and their two cousins( sorry the names escape me at this point). So we grab popcorn and head in to reserve 6 seats in addition to our 2. Well for the first time in my 28 years the movie didn't have previews, I know what the hell right? So I text Amanda to hurry it up. You can track the building chaos in the following texts. I felt like such an asshat realizing I saved 6 seats in a crowded theatre that I didn't even need. I was waiting to get jumped walking out of the theatre. LOL

"we are here seats saved"
"ok almost there"
"cool its in a small theatre we are in the middle near the top"
"is it full"
"half Its starting no previews"
"Are u in 11?"
"ha no 5"
"I think were in the wrong threatre. were at Pinnacle"
"oh you told me razorback on the phone dork"
"yeah i got mixed up so were at pinnacle at one that started 20 min ago. Dammit"

Then came the trapeze sisters.
I didn't know if I should be covering Skylee's eyes or not. Wow.

Cheetah Girl Skylee

Thanks to Tiffany Skylee has been doing her best to wear out the Cheetah Girls dvd she got for her bday. Excuse the mess. We all know cleaning isn't my strong point at least not midday. I save it until the evening. LOL.

Eureka Pizza Field Trip

Today was a good day, it started at 3:45 am. Yeah you read that right 3:45 am. Skylee crashed so early the night before she was ready to go early so we got up and had breakfast. We had a field trip to Eureka Pizza scheduled at 9:30 and she was falling asleep on the way, not a good sign. BUt we made it, although she was a bit cranky.
The owner of the place showed all the kids how they make pizza, they got to help and then they took a small pizza, a coloring page, and a coupon for a large pizza home. Very cool. We then took our pizza to the mall to have lunch with the girls, then home for a much needed nap.

So tired can't keep my eyes open.

Sauce time



Baking time. skylee really didnt like to stand next to it.. Too Hot!

After a brief melt down the owner showed her a little one on one pizza making. She felt special

Mardi Gras? National Pancake week

So we celebrated a little Mardi Gras at our house. Beads yes, boobies no. Skylee saw the masks at Walmart and wanted to make her own. So we bought some craft foam and jewels. Bam!! A mask, however she wouldn't be caught dead in it so she outfitted Nanny and Bruno. LOL.
that day is also National pancake week celebrated at the local IHOP. Free pancakes can you beat that?

Aidan loves Pancakes

We are in a "No pictures please" phase

Asher gets serious about the Chocolate milk