Sunday, May 23, 2010

Part 3

So day 2 in San Diego was the zoo. Holy crap that was a lot of walking. Just when I was starting to feel bad about getting out of my exercise routine... my legs were killing me after this.
First stop flamingos of course. Man I don't know why I love those things so much. They have beady little yellow eyes and are kind of stinky.

After that we kit the reptile house, eew. Now I made it thru that but later I lied to Skylee and told her the bug house was closed all day so we didn't have to go in.

Skylee never likes to stick her head thru these things to get a picture. It's like she hates to be embarrassed. But I got her to agree this once.

I think my fave was the new polar bear exhibit. The bears are really pretty and the exhibit was really cool. The only drawback was that it had a very large focus on global warming and the melting polar ice caps. Darn tree huggers, get out of here. I just want to enjoy some bears without the depressing part.

So after that long day.... we drove back to my mom's house to spend the night before heading out to Vegas!!! Awhile back Skylee's aspirations were to be an adult so she could cuss and go to Vegas. Well she officially has those out of the way. She was really pissed when I explained that she still had 16 years before she could play on the machines. We stayed the night at the Stratosphere and it was pretty cool.

We walked around and did a bunch of shopping. Skylee did this pick a pearl thing and did really well. She found a really large silver pearl and then picked out a $40 white gold setting for it. But it retails for $150 - $200. So not a bad investment and now she has a necklace for special occasions.

She and Tracy saw the shark exhibit in Mandalay Bay while Brenda and I hit the slots. And once again all Skylee wanted to do was swim. We went thru this in San Diego and she would not be happy doing anything else until she could swim. Thanks a lot to the valet who mentioned the pool like 5 times while we checked in and rode the elevator.

Statue of liberty built with jelly beans

So after visiting "It's Sugar" and walking the strip we went back to the hotel so Skylee and Tracy could swim. I took that opportunity to hit the slots. Then when they were done, Skylee and I watched a movie and went to bed while Tracy and Brenda hit the slots. I came out with what I had, so to me that is a successful gambling trip!

Skylee mentioned just last night that she loved that New York Place in Vegas. It really left an impression with her. Is that a bad thing.
So after the one night in Vegas we left for home, visiting Hoover dam on the way out.

I figured out some things...
1. I don't miss the California traffic
2. I really don't like heights. Riding the sky tram thing at the zoo was awful.
3. Vacations should be way longer with less things packed into them

So now I must start saving for a winter Vegas trip with girlfriends. that would be a blast. And also a week in a beach house.. maybe NC outer banks would be Skylee's dream vacation.

Part 2 Finally.

Well I Don't need to tell any of you folks just how bad I am at keeping up on this blog. Honestly the people who blog every day must not have jobs, or blogging IS their job because I just can't do it. LOL.

So the day after Disney we drove down to stay in San Diego for one night. Our plan was to go to Sea World and the San Diego Zoo but those plans changed a little. Skylee freaked out about Shamu eating people and didn't want to go, so we spent some time at the beach instead. It was fun making that drive again. We stopped at the rest stop that is in Camp Pendelton area and Skylee took her picture with these trucks that guys that were using for training. This was also the first glimpse of the ocean.

When we first got down there our hotel was really close to Old Town, so we went for a walk to look at all the fun little shops and eat some amazing Mexican food for lunch. If there is one thing that I hate about Arkansas, it is the lousy Mexican food. It's this nasty Texmex crap with sauces all over it and just wrong. So lunch was really really good. It was in this area that has tons of Mexican themed gift shops and Skylee loved trying on all the Mexican wrestler masks.

Lucha Libre!!!

So after that we went back to the hotel and then to the beach. This kid LOVES the beach. It was a really nice day in the upper 70's, but the water was still really cold.

Now for a kid who has never seen the beach it was an amazing time. She was very interested in getting a boogie board so she could head out into the waves. But (thankfully) there was a dangerous rip tide that day which prevented her from going out. She made herself content digging for shells, running from waves, and playing with see weed.

Skylee was the only one brave enough to go into the water.

I think our next vacation will probably be to a Florida beach where we just go to the beach.

What would a day at the beach be without a giant ice cream cone? After the fun and sun we headed over to the boardwalk for some games and ice cream. Of course she needed to buy a new dress to change into since her swim suit was wet. Man that kid better grow up to marry a rich man, she is expensive.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

We're Back!!!!! Part 1

Well it was a really quick and long week, but we are finally back from our whirlwind cross country adventure! Last Sunday, right after I got off of work, we left for sunny California. Brenda, Tracy, Skylee, and I left for my mom's house in Upland. We got there Monday morning and were greeted by a rain storm. Who would have thought that would greet us? But Tuesday shaped up to be a really nice day.

On Tuesday we all went to Disneyland, and we got there early and had to wait for it to open.

Then they let you in and you have to wait again for the rope to drop. Seriously WTF? That is so mean...lookie lookie, no touchie

Skylee had an appointment at Bippity Boppity Boutique. Now for those of you who are asking yourself "What in the heck is that?" It is a boutique that does Princess makeovers. It runs anywhere from $40 to $200 and can include hair, makeup, dress, nails, and photos. Since Skylee is in that magical age, I went big and did the castle package. It cost $215 but was way worth it.

Her "fairy godmother" took her shopping in their store and let her pick out a dress, shoes, wand, gloves, and purse.

Then they sat her in a chair and proceeded with the make over.

You wouldn't believe that they were able to get all of her curly hair into a tight little bun, but they did! Now at home.. it is usually a fight to brush her hair, but she was brave and uttered not one peep while getting her make over... ah the magic of Disney.

Her look was complete after make up, nails, crown, ring, and an ungodly amount of glitter. (It is almost a week later and she still has the glitter on her scalp!)

After all that they took some really great professional shots in the photo studio. Skylee isn't fond of pictures anyways, and in the end she became a little irritated with all the pictures.

Her look was complete after make up, nails, crown, ring, and an ungodly amount of glitter. (It is almost a week later and she still has the glitter on her scalp!)

Now, I am not sure who had more fun, her or her Aunts who insisted on trying every hat on in the store.

The park was so crowded that we didn't have time to do much but we did wait in line for 1 hour to meet a few princesses. I got some really great pics on the Disney Photo Pass.. I can't wait to get our cd from that.

Isn't Ariel pretty? And I love the hair... I wonder if I could pull off that look

After that we Skylee rode her fave ride.... the tea cups. About this time Skylee was ready for a change back into her clothes, so after a snack and a change of clothes we went to toon town and we went thru Mickey's house and she got to meet him. I never realized Mickey has little man syndrome. Everything in the house was huge. There is no way a mouse needs anything this big.

Don't we look cute? Man I should have sucked in my gut at least!

After that we rode the Roger Rabbit ride... someone was not having it!!!

It wouldn't be a complete day with out a Mickey Pretzel

About this time I got really sick of the inlaws saying "Oh it's too much for her" um no it isn't it's just too crowded. The crowds were getting to all of us, everyone except the kid was irritating me and we were ready to shop for gifts and head to downtown Disney.
We hit the Build a Bear store, the candy shop fr a Cheshire Cat Tail (marshmallows on a stick covered in caramel, covered in pink candy, with purple sugar stripes) and the Ms Matched store. They make a fortune off of selling mismatched socks in packs of three, and socks for flip flops. I have tons of mismatched socks already, and flip flop socks?? That is even more wrong than brussell sprouts.
We finally ended the evening with some Luigi's D'Italia with My Aunt Nell and Cousin Ryan. Of course Skylee insisted on sitting with Ryan and gushed over him the entire meal. She loves the men! Luckily Ryan was a big sport and payed her plenty of attention. Most 22-23 yr olds wouldn't so the princess had a lovely dinner.
And this would be my fave picture of the beautiful Princess Skylee-Rose Lynn...

I think I may just have to use that in the future.. maybe her sweet 16 invite, bridal shower invite, ooh the possibilities are endless.

I will continue the next step in our trip tomorrow. We left for San Diego the next morning and the crazy fun continued on...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Trip to the Zoo

Well it is officially Spring Break, but we wont be taking a trip anywhere since we will be headed to California in less than two weeks.
I did promise to Skylee to take her somewhere though, so today we went to the zoo. We took Jackson with us and met up with Austin and his family. It was such a beautiful day. It was in the low 70's and was so nice. Of course I got a little too much sun and I lost a nice gold bracelet I was wearing. But other than that it was so great. Skylee and Jackson were on their best behavior. No fighting, or jealous squabbles to speak of. He held my hand all day and Skylee didn't get mad and that is a miracle its self.

We started out with the chimps. And it was sooo cute. There were two babies playing and having a wild rumpus. One of them would do this run and roll move very much like an action star flipping over a car. LOL.

Despite being inside you will notice Skylee and Austin couldn't be bothered to take off their sunglasses. Such rockstars.

And of course the Camel was out so for $5 per kid, they all rode the camel. Austin wasn't really into it but since the others were wanting to he caved in. And I think he liked it in the end.

This was the only grumpy part of the day. After a quick picnic lunch we tried to get a group photo, but Miss thang wasn't into it! But the boys look adorable.

Look at these monkeys!!!

You know I am so bored by this petting zoo! Can't they get something else to pet besides goats? Isn't there some other kind of domesticated animal that would love to be swamped by unruly children all day? How about some pigs, lambs or really fat lazy cats.

Jackson wasn't really into this at first. He would stand as far away as he could and reach over and brush the but with the brush, very cute.

Skylee has no problem getting down and dirty with the animals. She told me yesterday that she wants to have 1000 jobs when she gets big so she can be rich. After Lenka and I explained one good paying job is better than several bad paying jobs, she announced she wants to work with animals in Africa. Do they have malls in Africa? If they don't Skylee wont make it. LOL.

Jackson wants to be a farmer when he grows up so he can own a big green tractor and a barn. He wants to have horses so he can lock them in the barn at night.

I think we have been to the Tulsa Zoo maybe 4-5 times. Never once have we ever seen a prairie dog in the prairie dog exhibit. Well today we broke that streak! Skylee now has a reference when someone says Bruno is begging like a prairie dog.

I love this picture. I am not sure if it is the look on Jackson's face, or the statues on the bench, but I really love it. This is in the Rain forest exhibit. It houses alligators, jaguars, poison frogs, anacondas, monkeys, and really colorful birds. If it hadn't been so warm inside it would have been perfect.

Fruit bats def a fave of Jacksons. He took a recent trip to the caves in New Mexico and really likes bats.

Fish bigger than the kids!

And the really awesome Jaguar. Poor thing paces in circles all day long. Is that a sign of being bored? Or maybe he is just contemplating the deaths of the small children banging on his glass.

Jackson giving his best rock climber face.

Break time at the park. I love that there is a big playground in the middle of this park. the perfect opportunity to rest while the kids play.

Peek a boo

Hey no one but us in here!

Sweet little Colton was getting tired but was still a trooper.

"matchy matchy" as Skylee says. Totally not planned, but really helpful when I was searching for one or the other

Waiting for the train. I think we finally were able to board the train on the third time it came thru the station.People just weren't getting off so we could get on. Why not make them all get off and reboard. It is only fair to all those forced to wait for an available seat.

But once we got on it was great. All three sat in the caboose and loved it!! they ate popcorn and took in the sights.

Last but not least they rode the carousel and we were off.