Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So it is getting close to that time everyone The big 4. Skylee can talk about her bday party all day if you let her. She practices passing out candy to her guests for her party. Way too cute. She is going to go up to be such an entertainer.
We have scheduled her bday for valentine's day at Fastlanes bowling at noon. So we are very excited. A private room will be great for all the adults to have some piece and quiet too. So mark your calandars the invites will be going out soon. It is really sad that her friends have changed last year. Lenka and Jackson will still be in the Czech republic, Amanda and her brood better still be here, and we no longer see Adam. But she is excited to invite her whole class from school and her teachers. And a few new friends from work will add in fun.
Its hard to imagine a lot of these guys I work with have known her her whole life. There is even the sweetest couple who don't have kids that are coming to her party. As a mattter of fact this is Kevin Apple and his wife. Skylee loves to pretend that she is Kevin and Bruno is Kevin's partner Remco. She is trying to train bruno to sit in a new language that only she can say to him it sounds something like "butch"
Let's hope she doesn't start to teach him some attack commands next. LOL.

What else is new?
We started to attend the library again after a long hiatus. Skylee really enjoys this.
She can eat a whole bag of microwave broccoli and cheese.
She learned the hard way that if you bite the dog..chances are he will bite you back.
Her scissor skills impress her teachers(wont tell them she has had access to these since she was 2)
Loves to go out on "dates" with the big girls
Digs Paramore
Still pines for Adam--- on this she heard he recently visted Lenka's and begged me to let her go over the next time he is over there.

What are you going to do?

Hilarious comments from the peanut gallery

So last Saturday Skylee and I treated Nanny to a movie. Skylee chose to see Hotel For Dogs. It was a really cute movie. Basically two siblings are in the foster care system and have a dog that was around when they had their parents. But they no longer were able to keep the dog due to their living situation. So they find this abandoned hotel that has a few strays living in it and they clean it up, make a few cool inventions and things go well. But then everything falls to pieces, in the end they are adopted by their social worker and they open the Hotel For Dogs legitimately as a shelter/boarding facility/dog spa.
Of course it has a happy ending. I will have to admit it brought tears to my eyes. Skylee definitely noticed Nanny dabbing her eyes with a napkin and tells everyone that Nanny cried. LOL.
So after the movie they have these vending machines with little figurines that go on these plastic bases and tin boxes. Well Skylee got a few and was trying to assemble a Wall E figure on it's stand in the car but couldn't get the piece to fit in the whole. She says with a serious face
" Mom, I have have big eyes and I cant see the little hole. See?"
I turn around and she is bulging her eyes at me. LOL. Weirdo.