Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween fFestivities

So last weekend was a busy one for us. I had a girls night out on friday that almost everyone couldn't make it to.LOL. But Paula and I had big girl time and it was fun!

On Sat Skylee had a Halloween party at Prairie Grove Battlefield Park. This was thru NWA Playgroups and she had a blast. It was a potluck and we brought yummy pumpkin bars. It was a bit cool so she had to wear a long sleeve shirt under her costume. And she had sparkly makeup to top it all off. I think it turned out pretty good. She made some new friends, a woman dressed as Spiderman and a little girl named Tatum. I think Skylee's fave thing she ate was grapes, go figure. All these cool new foods and she likes grapes. They had trick-or-treating and she got a bunch of candy for her bag. We took this tour that showed the horrors of the civil war battlefield. Now that was kind of crazy because that was my first "civil war buff" experience. LOL. It was kind of neat and Skylee was very interested in the amputation scene. LOL. Yeah it wasn't scary at all and ended with a hay ride. Then on the way home Rapunzel decided she was hungry again and needed a kids meal and scarfed that down in the car.


Pic of the Prairie Grove Battlefield

She ditched me to sit next to Spiderman(woman) at dinner.LOL

Finish it all off with the battlefield tour. Note the chocolate on the face. They even served hot applecider made over a camp fire and Kettlecorn. Yum!

Then on Sunday Skylee's school had a Halloween carnival and she wore her firefighters costume there. How did she get another costume you ask? Well last week she had a rough time at school drop off and I promised to get her a treat while I did grocery shopping. So I knew that day the Springdale FD was coming to her class to teach them about fire safety. So I bought a cute little Fire helmet. When I gave it to her she was upset because she wanted the one that came with the costume. So I went to exchange it and she on certain days becomes Firefighter Skylee. It is pretty cute.
So at this carnival they had games, a cake walk, face painting, hair and nail stuff, a cake walk, cotton candy, popcorn, snow cones, and stuff like that. There was this really cute rrabbit dressed as a bee.

Her fave thing was getting her hair painted green.

Frisbee toss

Ring toss

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Skylee's Mail

After our pumpkin play date (see below) we grabbed a pizza from Papa Murphy's and came home to a package on the doorstep. It was from Grandma Cheryl and was filled with all kinds of goodies.
Skylee kept saying
"Wow, look at all these goodies!"
Along with candy there was a much loved Spongebob book and two pairs of knit slippers.

The skittles were not part of the box, but were left over from before. The dog took the bag on the couch while we were at our pumpkin play date.

Woohoo a bag of candy.Yess!!!

Slippers! She needed to try these on.

She wore the slippers while opening the rest of her box

Pumpkin playdate

Today we went to a NW Arkansas moms playdate. Skylee had a blast. We painted pumpkins, decorated foam pumpkins for our Halloween party this sunday, decorated cookies, painted pictures and had a snack. I asked Skylee what her fave part of today was and she said it was making new friends. She sat next to these two twin girls and was so excited about them. LOL

One of our foam pumpkins..

Decorating cookies

I swear the child was not intoxicated at this time...

Our pumpkin pre-paint

This was supposed to be a spider but it turned into several.

Overall it was a great time! This saturday the playgroup is renting out the barn at Prairie Grove Battelfield park. I think over 100 families are supposed to attend so it should be great!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Where do they learn this stuff?

So I always wondered where kids learn the stuff they do.
Sure we watch a lot of NCIS and CSI stuff around here but can
they pick up stuff like this? Or should I be concerned about the kids she hangs with?
Surely she isn't learning this from Blue's Clues or
Pinky Dinky Do.
Please excuse the crazy mad scientist hair and near nakedness. Despite temps of 64 deg my kid
prefers to be naked.
Give me a bit my video isn't showing up yet!

Recent artwork from school. I love the rainbow nose on the scarecrow.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Arts and crafts

Okay so this week we did some new things. First we hung out with our friends Abe, Levi and their Grandma Linda. Somehow all three escaped my excellent camera abilities that day. LOL. But have no fear we had a lot of fun hanging with them and will do so again soon. We all got together and made bat crafts. And Linda brought the coolest puppet and balloon craft kits from Walmart. The kids used their handprints to make bats and we ate some yummy snacks.

Of course I think us mommies are the ones that got into the crafts while the kiddos dug in the sand outside.

This guy can never get enough sparkly glitter!

Lenka being crafty

Jackson ignoring mom's attempts at being crafty

Earth to Amanda!!!

The finished Bat crafts. I think Skylee went with the pirate motif. Notice the blacked out tooth and eye patch?

And this shouldn't look unusual. A cool rainy day and my child strips naked to play in it.

Daddy and Skylee's fave thing to do? Why build a tent in the living room of course.
She even used a Glade flameless candle for her lantern.

It took Skylee and I a week to make this ghost out of cheesecloth. But it finally came out!

Skylee continues to do excellent at school. She really loves it and goes all day without having to sit in time out. Today I walked out of the class and looked back in to see her run to one of the teachers and give her a great big hug. It is sooo cute. This month they are doing Halloween crafts on the days she goes. and this is what they did last week.

Also after the disaster friendship mess I made it a goal for Skylee to get to know other people.
Just in case my other friends move away or disown me. LOL. This is a NWA playgroup that I found online. We did a play date at Fun City. It is basically like Chuck E Cheese and we donated goods for the Seven Hills homeless shelter.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Painting update and other crap

Well I finally got around to taking pics of the stuff we painted at Different Strokes. I usually try to keep Skylee from the black paint when we go since she paints everything black, but she saw that I had some and ended up using mine. Some people might look at that and remember the Katella Knights colors. Go Knights! LOL.

What else has been going on? Skylee's obsession with Halloween continues. She has bought at least 4 Halloween related movies in the last two weeks including Scooby Doo, Rolly Polly Olly, My friends Tigger and Pooh, Max and Ruby, Garfield, and the Backyardigans. What is left? I think there might be a Winnie the Pooh and Snoopy out there. But lets hope Miss thing doesn't see them or they will end up here as well. She loves to dress up Nani and Papa as Vampires as you can see in this photo. We also have bought two pumpkins so far but I am pretty sure there will be more since we haven't even gone to the pumpkin patch yet. Ah yes even Bruno gets pulled into it. Skylee wanted to get him a hotdog costume from Target but they didn't have any in his size, so she settled for a Ladybug. You can tell he is so happy to wear it. LOL. It is a cute fleece thing that will keep him warm while we trick-or-treat.(Don't mind the yellow paint stains on the carpet. Skylee spilled paint and the carpet cleaner wont do the job. Guess Nani is getting a gift card for Stanley Steamer for xmas)

Skylee is doing great at school and was totally upset last friday when there was an in-service day and she didn't get to go. Here are a few of her art projects that she has done. Can you believe she is sooo good at coloring inside the lines. I swear she loves art so much and is really great at it.

And her eis an impromptu band. Skylee loves the guitar.