Monday, November 3, 2008

Finally Halloween

Okay so here we are finally! Halloween!!! These pics are backwards so bare with me. We had a party at preschool and then did a party at Amanda's and trick or treating. Skylee went sans hat all day. Of course Skylee and Bruno were the hit of the evening and had way too much fun and got way too much candy!

Here she is doing a play-doh activity after trick or treating and pizza.

Here is the group heading out. Aidan is the fireman, and Asher is the chicken

Bruno had such a great time and was ready to go go go!

Here is the vicious killer lady bug in the costume Skylee picked out. I think next year we are all supposed to dress up. That should be fun!

A quick stop at Tracy's for some pics and candy

Here are pics from preschool. They had games, snacks and trick or treating. We brought pretzels, cup cakes and juice boxes for all. I promise that I brush Skylee's hair. Apparently after I dropped her off she pulls her hair down.

Daddy and Nanny came to the party too.

Sitting next to Skylee is her best friend Cadence. Can you see the boy that looks like he belongs in the christmas story? He is so cute!

Snacks and goody bags

Nanny helped out with the trick or treating

More Halloween

Ok so here we have more halloween festivities. We got all of our friends together the night before halloween for a carving party! It was a lot of fun and Skylee made a scooby doo, sleeping beauty, and a hand drawn happy face.

There were margaritas(virgin for the kids) and snacks

Lenka and I also took the kids to a local pumpkin patch. Skylee wasn't too happy about having her pic taken as usual

But eventually she cheered right up!