Thursday, December 18, 2008

Train ride in the cattle car ho ho ho

OK there id the Arkansas Missouri Railroad that does a christmas train ride locally up to Rogers and back. So we jumped at this and bought tickets. Well they parade us thru these really nice, warm cars and seat us in the back of the train where its freezing and windy. Skylee could care less but I hated it.
They did provide hot cocoa.Yum!!

Amanda was absolutely thrilled with the train ride. Note the coat, scarf, gloves and blankets.

Jackson LOVED this

Lenka and Jackson

Red cheeks from the cold

Brenda bought skylee some make up. Isnt it pretty.

Santa, Camels, and Ponys oh my

So we had some more fun xmas festivities. Lenka and I took the kids to the mall to see Santa. Jackson wont go near him. Skylee on the other hand knows that is where the good stuff comes from so she was more than willing to sit on his lap and ask for a play kitchen.

Later we went to the Fayetteville square for the lights of the ozarks. They have ponies, camels, carriage rides, santa and a crap load of lights. We spent $35 bucks and we got..
one pony ride
one carriage ride
one Camel ride
and two hot cocoas
and a really happy kid.

Creepy santa.

Sitting by the lights

Mugging on the carrriage ride

Cinderella coach

Pony rides

Silver Dollar City

After the Dixie Stampede we proceeded over to Silver Dollar city. They have amazing lights, shopping, and all that good stuff.

Decorating cookies

Watching Frosty the Snowman show. Can you see Skylee standing up in the middle of the show. Sit down? Heck no there is fake snow falling and that is way more important thank you.

Dixie Stampede

So we finally made our Xmas trip to Branson. First stop Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede. It was awesome. So many horses and cool tricks. The food was really great but you had to eat with your fingers. You couldn't take pics during the show but it was awesome.
Skylee's fave part? Horses? Tricks? Lights? Angels? Nope the racing pigs. She now wants a racing pig of her own to call Rosie.

Crazy hair

The black cowboy hat she bought after the show. I tried to talk her into a pink one but she insisted on the black. Bad guy in training?

The pre-show juggler. We had boots of soda, popcorn and peanuts.

Walking up to the place you can see all the horses. Way cool.

Blah Hi you may remember me.. Slacker Sally? Have I said that I suck at this? LOL .. Anyhoo Lets get busy I am behind like a month and a half or so.

Okay first of the crazy crew went out for the Twilight opening and had a few drinks, dinner and Edward, I mean we saw a movie. Great. Yum yum! Of course it will never be as good as the book, but good in it's own way. I remember my ass being spanked hard. I remember having difficulty getting into my purse only to lok down and see that It was not my purse but infact the strangers standing next to me. Woops!

Bruno enjoying a fall day. He loves to play in the leaves.

Eugene had a birthday and Skylee made him this lovely hat! As you can see Bruno is so curious. He assumes that Eugene always has peanuts or a milky way bar in his pocket just for him.