Sunday, April 11, 2010

We're Back!!!!! Part 1

Well it was a really quick and long week, but we are finally back from our whirlwind cross country adventure! Last Sunday, right after I got off of work, we left for sunny California. Brenda, Tracy, Skylee, and I left for my mom's house in Upland. We got there Monday morning and were greeted by a rain storm. Who would have thought that would greet us? But Tuesday shaped up to be a really nice day.

On Tuesday we all went to Disneyland, and we got there early and had to wait for it to open.

Then they let you in and you have to wait again for the rope to drop. Seriously WTF? That is so mean...lookie lookie, no touchie

Skylee had an appointment at Bippity Boppity Boutique. Now for those of you who are asking yourself "What in the heck is that?" It is a boutique that does Princess makeovers. It runs anywhere from $40 to $200 and can include hair, makeup, dress, nails, and photos. Since Skylee is in that magical age, I went big and did the castle package. It cost $215 but was way worth it.

Her "fairy godmother" took her shopping in their store and let her pick out a dress, shoes, wand, gloves, and purse.

Then they sat her in a chair and proceeded with the make over.

You wouldn't believe that they were able to get all of her curly hair into a tight little bun, but they did! Now at home.. it is usually a fight to brush her hair, but she was brave and uttered not one peep while getting her make over... ah the magic of Disney.

Her look was complete after make up, nails, crown, ring, and an ungodly amount of glitter. (It is almost a week later and she still has the glitter on her scalp!)

After all that they took some really great professional shots in the photo studio. Skylee isn't fond of pictures anyways, and in the end she became a little irritated with all the pictures.

Her look was complete after make up, nails, crown, ring, and an ungodly amount of glitter. (It is almost a week later and she still has the glitter on her scalp!)

Now, I am not sure who had more fun, her or her Aunts who insisted on trying every hat on in the store.

The park was so crowded that we didn't have time to do much but we did wait in line for 1 hour to meet a few princesses. I got some really great pics on the Disney Photo Pass.. I can't wait to get our cd from that.

Isn't Ariel pretty? And I love the hair... I wonder if I could pull off that look

After that we Skylee rode her fave ride.... the tea cups. About this time Skylee was ready for a change back into her clothes, so after a snack and a change of clothes we went to toon town and we went thru Mickey's house and she got to meet him. I never realized Mickey has little man syndrome. Everything in the house was huge. There is no way a mouse needs anything this big.

Don't we look cute? Man I should have sucked in my gut at least!

After that we rode the Roger Rabbit ride... someone was not having it!!!

It wouldn't be a complete day with out a Mickey Pretzel

About this time I got really sick of the inlaws saying "Oh it's too much for her" um no it isn't it's just too crowded. The crowds were getting to all of us, everyone except the kid was irritating me and we were ready to shop for gifts and head to downtown Disney.
We hit the Build a Bear store, the candy shop fr a Cheshire Cat Tail (marshmallows on a stick covered in caramel, covered in pink candy, with purple sugar stripes) and the Ms Matched store. They make a fortune off of selling mismatched socks in packs of three, and socks for flip flops. I have tons of mismatched socks already, and flip flop socks?? That is even more wrong than brussell sprouts.
We finally ended the evening with some Luigi's D'Italia with My Aunt Nell and Cousin Ryan. Of course Skylee insisted on sitting with Ryan and gushed over him the entire meal. She loves the men! Luckily Ryan was a big sport and payed her plenty of attention. Most 22-23 yr olds wouldn't so the princess had a lovely dinner.
And this would be my fave picture of the beautiful Princess Skylee-Rose Lynn...

I think I may just have to use that in the future.. maybe her sweet 16 invite, bridal shower invite, ooh the possibilities are endless.

I will continue the next step in our trip tomorrow. We left for San Diego the next morning and the crazy fun continued on...

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Brian and Kerum said...

Austin wanted to know why he didn't get a Mickey pretzel when we went to Disney World and then he proceeded to try to roll his tongue like Miss Silly was doing in the last picture. :-)