Sunday, May 23, 2010

Part 2 Finally.

Well I Don't need to tell any of you folks just how bad I am at keeping up on this blog. Honestly the people who blog every day must not have jobs, or blogging IS their job because I just can't do it. LOL.

So the day after Disney we drove down to stay in San Diego for one night. Our plan was to go to Sea World and the San Diego Zoo but those plans changed a little. Skylee freaked out about Shamu eating people and didn't want to go, so we spent some time at the beach instead. It was fun making that drive again. We stopped at the rest stop that is in Camp Pendelton area and Skylee took her picture with these trucks that guys that were using for training. This was also the first glimpse of the ocean.

When we first got down there our hotel was really close to Old Town, so we went for a walk to look at all the fun little shops and eat some amazing Mexican food for lunch. If there is one thing that I hate about Arkansas, it is the lousy Mexican food. It's this nasty Texmex crap with sauces all over it and just wrong. So lunch was really really good. It was in this area that has tons of Mexican themed gift shops and Skylee loved trying on all the Mexican wrestler masks.

Lucha Libre!!!

So after that we went back to the hotel and then to the beach. This kid LOVES the beach. It was a really nice day in the upper 70's, but the water was still really cold.

Now for a kid who has never seen the beach it was an amazing time. She was very interested in getting a boogie board so she could head out into the waves. But (thankfully) there was a dangerous rip tide that day which prevented her from going out. She made herself content digging for shells, running from waves, and playing with see weed.

Skylee was the only one brave enough to go into the water.

I think our next vacation will probably be to a Florida beach where we just go to the beach.

What would a day at the beach be without a giant ice cream cone? After the fun and sun we headed over to the boardwalk for some games and ice cream. Of course she needed to buy a new dress to change into since her swim suit was wet. Man that kid better grow up to marry a rich man, she is expensive.

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