Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Birthday Skating!

Happy Birthday Skylee! It is hard to believe that she is five. It seems like yesterday that she was the chubiest little baby with legs to rival the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man. She had her party at the Jones center this year. We had a great time ice skating, especially since Skylee now has double runner ice skates. Sorry that there aren't very many pictures. I had to ask someone else to take pictures since I am the only one in the family that knows how to skate. That person didn't take very many and most are super blurry. So as I like to tell Skylee.. You get what you get and you don't get upset!

Here we are adjusting the new skates. It is super cute to see her skate. She runs real fast and then basically slides across the ice. They give her an amazing amount of confidence and that is the key!

Paula and Lenka are the only girls I know that can skate! Here is Paula and Abe looking FABULOUS!

And here is Mr. Austin, Skylee's #1 man. LOL. Just don't let him hear you say that. I just know Skylee is going to be so sad when he and his family move to North Carolina this May.

Here is another preschool friend, Carlee Ann. She is a super sweet girl that Skylee really enjoys
playing with.

We had a little craft area set up so that there was something other to do than ice skate.

After all that she was super tired. I told her that now she is five and that means no more sleeping with other people. So here she is with Flower. Ah and if anyone is in the market for a kitten, just let me know. I am pretty sure that we should have kittens mid-April. I saw a Siamese cat and all black cat stalking our home a few weeks ago, but who knows they may be part Dachshund.

Our playgroup had a winter dance and Skylee loved it. We even got Damien to show up for a little bit. The kids danced, played games and had a wonderful time! Don't you love the dress she picked out? I think the cowboy boots really complete the outfit. For some reason we had no idea where her little black shoes were and in a pinch the boots worked.

Would it really kill him to smile? Men.

These girls were so funny! They all dressed up so cute!

Today she had her Kindergarten physical. She weighed 47 lbs, and is 44 3/4 in tall. So she is in the 80% in both. She will be taller than me for sure most likely 5'7" or so. Everything was great but she reccomended a hearing test since her speech isn't as clear as she should be, so we will see how that goes.


Anonymous said...

Aw, she's getting so big! By the way, Aidan is PISSED right now because he didn't get to go skating with Skylee.

Brian and Kerum said...

We posted ice skating pictures on the same day! LOL. I wrote up a bunch of posts the other night and just "scheduled" them to post...one each day. How funny we posted about the same thing today!

Sure wish we could have gone to the playgroup party. Looks like it was fun!

I'm sure Austin will miss Skylee just as much as she will miss him...in fact, he talks about how much he's going to miss his friends at least once a week and we still have two more months til moving time!